Wedding photo shoot

A wedding is an event full of emotions, a party that celebrates your love. Stress or worries are not on the guest list of one of the most important day of your lives: you just need to think about enjoying it to the fullest, without worrying about anything else.

That’s why, when I’m chosen as a wedding photographer in Florence, in Chianti or somewhere else in our beautiful Tuscany, I always try to be discreet. I won’t make you pose during the shooting: you, the newlyweds, will feel free to completely express yourself. My job is to be always ready to catch the most spontaneous gestures that really tell the story of your love and of this special day.

All you have to do is trust me. To truly seize every little detail of that day, from your parents’ watery eyes to the trembling fingers at the exchange of rings, I need to get close to you. I need to connect to you, to feel your tension on my skin, to breathe what you are living. This is how I’ll be able to catch the heart of what binds you together and give it back to you through my pictures.

My personal style of photo shooting is the reportage: a spontaneous portrayal of highly emotional moments, that I “stole” while you were rejoicing with friends and family - without you even noticing me. You can ask me for some good old fashioned group photos, of course, if that makes you happy: they will be further pieces that will allow you to recreate the most accurate memory possible of your special day.


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How it’s done

The day of your “Yes”, I will be with you from the very start of your getting ready. I will immediately start taking pictures of every detail that catches my eye, because I believe that everything has the power to tell a story.

After that, I will connect with your family and friends, to truly feel the energy that binds all of you. For that day, I’ll sneak discreetly in the group: this will allow me to shoot freely, without upsetting anyone with my presence.

I promise you that your wedding photo shoot will never feel oppressive. Even when we’ll be taking the most romantic pictures, I will never instruct you but I will be ready to seize every stolen kiss, every shared look and heartfelt hug. I’ll make you live a relaxing moment between the ceremony and the reception, so you can only think about each other.

I will be a constant but discreet presence, the teller of your wedding: by looking at the pictures, you will relive every instant and emotion of this unique day!

What is the price?

Every wedding tells a unique story, because your love is different from anybody else’s. That is why, it’s tough to specify in advance how much the photo shoot will cost.

It depends on where you’ll get married, on how long the event will last, on your specific needs. I can guarantee one thing: I will make your wishes come true and turn your day into a beautiful story, made of unforgettable images.

Every wedding photo shoot includes:

  • Between 6 to 10 hours of my presence, with the potential help of a colleague of mine.
  • The delivery of about 400 digitally edited photos both on a flash drive and on an online cloud.
  • A wooden case with the flash drive and 12 photos printed on Fine Art photo paper.
  • The digital layout of the wedding photo album.

You will be able to customize your photo shoot, according to your needs, by adding:

  • The Polaroid guestbook: a funny way to get your guests involved, by taking instant pictures on which they will write down their thoughts and wishes for you. It will be another source of unforgettable memories!
  • An engagement photo shoot before the wedding day, so we will be able to get to know each other and be perfectly in sync at your special day.
  • More of my and my assistant’s time.
  • The express photo delivery, within two weeks from the ceremony.

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