Getting married in Florence

Getting married in Florence

Florence, Italy Wedding

Florence surely needs no introduction: it’s the cradle of Renaissance, one of the most beloved city of Italians and - maybe even more - by tourists. Lots of couples from all over the world choose to get married in Florence every year, because they want a romantic destination wedding.

With its artistic treasures, the Tuscan county seat is a true jewel. Santa Maria del Fiore and its Battistero, the Uffizi Gallery, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Croce and Palazzo Pitti, just to name a few, are revered by art lovers. Then you have unique spots like Ponte Vecchio or the Boboli Gardens, or breathtaking views like the ones from Piazzale Michelangelo and San Miniato al Monte - that dominates the city from above.

So, getting married in Florence is a wonderful idea for all the couples who want a spectacular marriage. Why not you?


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Where to get married in Florence: the most appealing ideas

If you are thinking about getting married in Florence, you are going to be spoilt for choice, as you can imagine. In a city with such an artistic history, you can’t run out of historical palaces and marvelous churches to get married in - with a religious or civil ceremony.

If you wish to get married in a church, you will find a lot of wonderful options to exchange your vows in.

Here are some of the most evocative locations:

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore: who wouldn’t love to get married in the Duomo of Florence, saying “Yes” under Brunelleschi’s dome? That would surely be a dream come true!

The Basilica of Santa Croce: its marble facade with geometric patterns is perfect for unique wedding photos, while its interior is made for art lovers - here, the likes of Michelangelo and Galileo are buried, by the way. It’s not your ordinary church!

The Basilica of San Miniato al Monte: smaller and more intimate, this church has a facade that will blow you away too. But its main asset is the view of the city it offers: you and your guests will be left speechless!

These are just some of the many options available for a religious ceremony in Florence - but you can choose other lesser known but equally beautiful churches, like the Santo Spirito Basilica, the Pieve di Sant’Andrea a Cercina, the San Lorenzo Basilica… and so many more.

If you are thinking about a civil ceremony, just be assured that getting married in Florence City Hall can be a one of kind experience too: everything in this city is about history and art!

Until a few years ago, who wanted a civil ceremony had just one option, Palazzo Vecchio. And that’s really something: not every city can boast of a City Hall that is also a world famous Renaissance architectural masterpiece. Inside Palazzo Vecchio, you can get married in the Sala Rossa, with its elegant purple velvet and its precious tapestry on the walls, in the Sala di Lorenzo, dedicated to Lorenzo the Magnificent and completely decorated with refined frescoes, or in the Salone de’ Cinquecento, grand and impressive hall with a coffered ceiling, Vasari’s frescoes and statues by Michelangelo and Leonardo.

Those who choose a civil ceremony  in Florence City have many other options now, one more appealing than the other. There is the Villa Vogel Council Chamber, an elegant Renaissance building immersed in a beautiful park where you will be able to stage your wedding photo shoot. Then you have the Sala della Carità of the Bardini Museum, that stores statues by the greatest Italian artists and is the ideal place for a wedding in winter.

Last but not least, if you are thinking about an outdoor wedding, the Giardino delle Rose is available: it is not only an incredibly romantic location, but it offers an unparalleled view of the city too. Just think about how magical would be to exchange rings immersed in hundreds of different flowers, with the whole Florence at your feet… As it’s finally clear, getting married in the Tuscan County Seat will give you unmatchable emotions - that your wedding photographer will catch and deliver unforgettable memories to you.

Beautiful wedding venues near Florence

f you love nature, in the Florence surroundings you can find many evocative venues to celebrate your love dream. You just need to get a few miles outside of town to reach the gentle hills of Chianti or find yourselves immersed in the charming Tuscan countryside.

Outside the city centre, located in a privileged position, Villa Le Fontanelle is an historic mansion with a private chapel, built among century-old holm oaks and a splendid garden with over 30,000 plants: a magical place, with a panoramic view of the entire city of Florence. The ideal choice for a chic and romantic wedding.

If you love Italian and Tuscan traditions, in just a 15 minutes drive from Florence you will find the Villa Medicea di Lilliano: a prestigious estate surrounded by 70 hectares of vineyards and olive gardens, that will win you over with its timeless charm and, most of all, its magnificent view of the Duomo of Florence and the Chianti hills.

Are you looking for a magical venue for your wedding? Villa Vignamaggio in Greve in Chianti is, without a doubt, the perfect choice: a Renaissance treasure surrounded by romantic gardens and immersed in the green Tuscan countryside.

These are just some examples: if you are dreaming about a destination wedding in Florence or in the Florence area, you’ll be spoilt for choice and I’ll be happy to recommend other locations to make your special day unforgettable.

Where to shoot the most evocative photos

When you choose a wedding location in Florence, you will be able to consider the wedding photo shoot as well. Depending on your style and wishes, you will choose the most solemn churches, the most prestigious palaces or the dreamy gardens hanging on the city - and your pictures will be taken there, to become precious memories of one of the most important moments of your life.

That will be a good start, but you will surely want to shoot in other evocative spots, where the setting will further highlight the love you share. The craft of a wedding photographer - and it could be me - is to recommend the best sets, according to your wishes and personality, but considering the time of the year and of the day too.

You’ll be especially lucky by getting married in Florence: it’s a one of a kind city with hundreds of known and lesser known locations to take wonderful pictures in.

History lovers will probably choose wedding photos with stunning church facades and Renaissance palaces in the background, or stolen views in the narrow alleys of the city centre. If you are hopeless romantics, you’ll want to shoot on Ponte Vecchio and from the terraces of Piazzale Michelangelo or from San Miniato al Monte. If you love nature instead, in all of its shades, you’ll just have to get out of the city a little to shoot your wedding pictures losing yourselves on the surrounding hills. The green of meadows and olive trees, the gold of wheat fields in the summer, the soft white of the winter Florence mist.

Everything will highlight your spontaneous gestures of love, that will be the absolute protagonists. The energy surrounding your wedding, wherever in Florence you may be, will inspire you to express the sentiment that binds you together - and I’ll be honored to be there, to tell everything through my photos.

My style is sincere and direct: I use the momentum of the setting and the natural light around us, to shoot unique pictures. My goal is that your wedding photos in Florence don’t look like anything else you have seen before: they must be about you, only you and your love story


  • Because it’s a city that magically combines history and art.
  • Because the churches and the locations for a Florence, Italy wedding are one of a kind and will make your dreams come true.
  • Because Tuscan wine, our food and hospitality are unforgettable.
  • Because in Florence, the likes of Caroline of Holland or the most glamorous couple of all, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, got married, just to name a few… and if they chose Florence, there must be a reason!
  • Because the romantic mood of Ponte Vecchio or of the city centre alleys can’t be found anywhere else.
  • Because the hills surrounding Florence will be a perfect frame for your wedding photo shoot.
  • Because I will be able to tell your most important day originally and emotionally through my photos, giving you memories that will last forever.

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