Getting married in Chianti

Getting married in Chianti

Getting married in Chianti is getting trendier and trendier, especially among people in love with Italy. This unique area encompasses in just a few square kilometers all the beauty of Tuscany and of Italy as well: the gentle green hills covered in vineyards, the famous (and homonymous) wine that is made there, the delicious Tuscan cuisine, the short distance from spectacular cities like Florence, Siena and Arezzo. All of this makes Chianti a particularly coveted location for getting married in Tuscany!


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Where to get married in Chianti

The winding landscapes of Chianti host many several stunning locations for your wedding - both for the ceremony and for the reception. From small churches in the many villages to farmhouses, from luxury resorts to castles: whatever your dreams may be, Chianti will make them come true.

For example, if you have always wanted to get married with a moving religious ceremony, you will be able to choose from a variety of beautiful churches.

There is the Santa Maria Basilica in Impruneta, full of art pieces and ceramics that miraculously survived World War II bombings.

Or the Pieve di Santa Maria in Spaltenna a Gaiole del Chianti: its graceful Romanesque simplicity will be embellished by your floral decorations.

Or you could explore medieval villages like Colle Val d’Elsa, Poggibonsi or Greve in Chianti and stumble across many evocative locations for your marriage.

If you rather have a civil ceremony in Tuscany, just know that that you don’t necessarily have to marry inside a City Hall.

In the San Casciano area, for example, a legitimate announcement was issued to open historical villas to civil ceremonies. Just imagine the effect, on you and your guests, of exchanging vows inside dreamlike locations from a distant but evocative past. Other than in the Council Chamber, you could celebrate your marriage in Chianti inside Castello Il Palagio – yes, that means a castle! – at Villa Mangiacane – built by the Machiavelli family – or at Villa il Poggiale – an ancient Renaissance mansion surrounded by olive gardens and vineyards.

If you want the full list of “uncommon” wedding locations, just contact the local offices...after that: follow your imagination!

Believe me, you won’t lack sources of inspiration when thinking about getting married in Chianti!


To make your wedding as special as ever, you need to carefully choose the location as well as find a way to turn the most emotional moments into images that last forever.

A wedding photographer - and it could be me - will suggest the perfect settings for truly evocative pictures, because he knows the area particularly well. You are lucky, because there is plenty of picturesque views in Chianti!

History lovers will surely be fascinated by the many parish churches on the hills, mounted inside the villages or even hidden in the woods. This ancient brick and stone buildings stand out against the surrounding landscape, bringing an ideal frame for your romantic wedding photos to life.

If you are full-blown nature lovers, instead, you could have your wedding photo shoot immersed in the Chianti fields. Vineyards and olive trees will be the background of your love and will look perfect at every time of the year. Imagine all their shades of color: the hues of flowers in spring, the bright summery green, the warm orange of autumn leaves and the soft and ethereal winter light. It’s always the right time to get married in Tuscany!

The energy of nature around your wedding will inspire you to freely express all the love that binds you together - and I’ll be honored to be with you, to tell everything through my photos.

My style is sincere and direct: I use momentum and the natural light to shoot truly unique photos. I want my pictures to look different from anybody else’s: they must be about you, only you and your love story!

Original ideas for a unique wedding in Chianti

The Chianti area is famous for its landscapes and delicious wine, so you will be sure to have a true Tuscan-style wedding. As background for the ceremony and the reception, you could pick locations like Borgo Scopeto or Villa Vignamaggio, wonderful luxury farmhouses, ideal for a shabby-chic wedding, doused with locally produced wine.

Chianti won’t disappoint those who have more uncommon dreams either.

For a country style wedding, that is a step ahead of the classic - but still luxurious - farmhouse, there is the picnic option. We could think that is an inappropriate choice for a wedding reception: it’s not for everybody, that’s for sure, but it’s definitely something that can prove to be very classy and leave your guests speechless! Just imagine many white picnic blankets laid on meadows surrounded by olives trees, with wicker baskets filled to the top with delicacies, with white balloons floating around, fresh flowers, pillows and colored ribbons. Complete everything with threads of golden light hanging among the trees and you’ll have a lovely scene - a beautiful frame for your wedding photo shoot.

Vintage enthusiasts will be able to book a classic car from the ‘50s or a spectacular Volkswagen van, to feel like real flower children. These original vehicles will drive you on the typical Chianti roads, through vineyards and olive gardens, maybe at sunset… can you picture in your mind the beauty of the photos you could shoot in such a landscape?

Finally, if you are really dreaming big, why don’t you treat yourselves with a fairytale wedding in a castle? There are many castles to get married in Tuscany, hidden among the hills or surrounded by endless fields - and some of them are in Chianti, waiting for you!

One of them is Castello il Palagio, where you can both arrange the reception and have a civil ceremony. Built in 1200 between Firenze and Siena, it’s the perfect place for a classy wedding.

If you love the regal style, you will be able to choose between many locations in Chianti. There is Castello di Mugnana, recently renovated but still keeping all of its charm, Castello Vicchiomaggio, where you can have a civil or religious ceremony, or Castello Pandolfini, with a spectacular infinity pool overlooking the valley.


  • Because it is an area of Tuscany that all the world envies...and there must be a reason!
  • Because its gentle green hills, adorned with vineyards and olive gardens, are the perfect frame for a spectacular wedding photo shoot.
  • Because is the homeland of Chianti wine, that will make your reception even merrier!
  • Because the delicious Tuscan cuisine will be the icing on the cake, with its genuine taste that you guests will love.
  • Because you will have the chance to choose between a simple or a regal wedding: Chianti has something for everyone.
  • Because you will find unique locations for both your ceremony and your reception.
  • Because I’ll be able to be your wedding photographer, telling the story of your most important day, in an original and touching way, giving you memories that will last forever.

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