Getting married in Arezzo

Getting married in Arezzo

Getting married in Tuscany is always a good choice, but an even better idea is getting married in Arezzo. Located in the heart of the Tuscan - Emilian Apennines, this city is surrounded by four naturally stunning valley and has a long history back from the Etruscan Age!

After the Etruscans, the Romans made a strategic center out of Arezzo and filled with monuments - for example, some very fascinating ruins of the amphitheatre still stand. In the Middle Ages, Arezzo was home for some extremely important figures of Italian culture, like the poet Francesco Petrarca and the painter Piero della Francesca. That period is still very visible in the city monuments and in its distinguishing events, like the Giostra del Saracino, a knights’ tournament that takes place twice a year in the Piazza Grande.

So, if you are thinking about getting married in Tuscany, Arezzo is the perfect location for you...especially if you love history and nature!


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Where you can celebrate your wedding in Arezzo

Arezzo is a multifaceted city, where you can find perfect locations for your ceremony, may it be religious or civil.

If you choose to have a civil ceremony, you can pick one of the many available halls. First of all, you will be able to say your “Yes” in the Sala del Consiglio Comunale or  in the Servizi Demografici hall, if you are looking for a more traditional wedding.

If you get married in fine weather, you will be able to choose the picturesque Municipal Cloister: just imagine how beautiful it will look filled with fresh flowers. If you are looking for an even more evocative location, you could opt for the Sala del Consiglio or the Salone delle Udienze of the Palazzo della Fraternita – a gothic architecture of great historical importance, overlooking Piazza Grande.

If you love nature, like me, you could wait for spring or the summer to celebrate your wedding in Arezzo outdoor, in a garden or a park on the hills.

If you are dreaming of having a religious ceremony instead, you will be spoilt for choice in Arezzo. Starting with the Duomo, overlooking the city with its stunning view, to San Domenico with its two-tone marbles and the frescoes of the San Francesco Basilica, Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Pieve di Santa Maria, both in the Romanesque style, or the Renaissance church of  SS. Annunziata – just to name a few.

These locations will make wonderful scenarios for your wedding photos too and will always remind you of your happiness when you were saying your vows!

Whether you choose the city centre or a place outside town, Arezzo will satisfy you. You just have to pick the one you like the most.


Every wedding deserves wonderful photos to enshrine the most heartfelt moments.

That’s where your wedding photographer steps in - and it could be me: since I perfectly know the area, I’ll be able to find the perfect spots for truly evocative photos.

For example, if your wedding takes place in the stunning venue of Santa Maria a Pigli, just outside of town, we will have plenty of opportunities to take memorable pictures, firstly because you will be able to get married right there, since there is a perfect little church for intimate ceremonies, secondly your reception, studied in detail, will take place in the wonderful gardens, ideal for a wedding photo shoot. Do you have any idea of how many incredibly romantic spots you can find in the countryside?

Another option that I really like, for weddings in Arezzo or in Tuscany in general, is to use that natural beauties around us...and they are so many! I’m not especially talking about public parks, where in the good season is very hard to be alone and freely express your love, but I’m actually referring to emerald meadows, endless wheat fields or evocative woods - not far from the venue, so you won’t miss time with your loved ones!

When I shoot my (and your) photos, I’m always sincere and direct: I use natural light and try to seize the moment. By doing that, your wedding pictures in Arezzo won’t look like anybody else’s: they will be unique, just like your love story!

Fun facts: famous weddings in Arezzo

Getting married in Tuscany is always getting trendier, even among celebrities. Maybe you don’t know this, but Arezzo and its surroundings have had their fair share of...intriguing weddings!

Most recently Ronald Reagan jr, son of the former United States president, not only got married in Arezzo but swore eternal love to a true-born Aretine woman. For their big day the couple chose Palazzo Cavallo, the old medieval City Hall. It was an intimate ceremony, celebrated a couple of days early to avoid the paparazzis, who were a little too interested. How can anyone object to this loving couple, who simply wanted to enjoy such a special day in peace?

Asia Argento, some years ago, chose to get married in Arezzo too, with a civil ceremony. The lucky guy was Michele Civetta, a movie director and colleague of hers, as well as the father of her second-born, who was resting comfortably in her baby bump at the time of the wedding.


Arezzo and its surroundings offer many locations that are perfect for a fairytale wedding: whether you are country style lovers or looking for the most exclusive luxury, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I recommend the most evocative and charming locations, but I’ll be happy to help you pick one if you choose to rely on me.

Nature and tradition blend perfectly together at the Montelucci Country Resort, a gorgeous estate in the Arezzo countryside, a perfect choice if you want a romantic marriage in Tuscany: stunning views, great food and informal couldn’t ask for more!

Between Florence and Arezzo, in Valdarno, Villa Canto Alla Moraia is the ideal location for an outdoor country-chic wedding. In a magical atmosphere, surrounded by a stunning landscape, you’ll be able to celebrate your love with a ceremony on the terrace of the Villa or in the garden, at poolside.

For those who want a Tuscan-style wedding, Casa Cornacchi is the perfect idea: a traditional country mansion in southern Tuscany, between Arezzo and Siena. A dream venue, great food with wholesome, homegrown ingredients and a lovely view to shoot beautiful pictures are the strong points of this location.


To celebrate your wedding in a city that is a true open-air museum: the perfect place if you are history lovers.

  • To have a lot of options for a religious or a civil ceremony.
  • Because is an Oscar city: even Roberto Benigni chose it as the set for “La vita è bella”!
  • Because the green hills all around are a perfect setting for your wedding photo shoot.
  • Because it’s surrounded by little picturesque villages, ideal for those who look for more intimate locations.
  • Because it guards the Tree of Love - a golden shrine, shaped like a tree, kept in Lucignano – said to be a lucky charm for betrothed.
  • Because it can be a wedding location in the good weather or in winter.
  • Because the simple but delicious Aretine cuisine, paired with the fine local wines, will win you and your guest over.
  • Because I will be able to be your wedding photographer, telling your most important day in a unique way and giving you memories that will last forever.

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