Engagement photo shoot

It finally happened: after so much eagerly waiting, you got engaged! To properly celebrate this important step, what’s better than treat yourself with a pre-wedding photo shoot?

We all know that a great wedding follows a great love story: your love story. Your first engagement photo shoot will be a perfect way to celebrate this story, as its only protagonist.

Don’t think about staged photos or kissing on command: my camera will only catch your most heartfelt gestures, the sweetest kisses, the hands entwined, the knowing gazes: everything that tells your story will be turned into images.

And don’t worry about being in front of a camera: I promise I will put you at ease, free of showing each other love like nobody's watching.

I will take picture of you in your places in the heart or, if you wish, I will immerse you in nature, further highlighting the energy between you two. We will take advantage of the delicate light of sunrise or the golden reflection of sunset, in warm and cozy days or even in the cold ones, when a hug is everything we need to be comfortable.

The pre-wedding photo shoot is a perfect testing ground for the most important day of your life. It’s a chance for me to get close to you, to get to know you a little deeper and connect with you. It will be then even easier to recognize the joy and the emotion in your eyes during the wedding - and turn them into pictures.


I will be happy to get to know you!

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How the pre-wedding photo shoot is done

If you want me to take your engagement pictures, first of all you need to choose a place which is especially meaningful for you. The road you first walked together holding hands, the park you first kissed in, the bar you always get coffee together.

Or, if you wish, I can suggest some of my favourite places that would be perfect to celebrate your love. They will probably be places immersed in nature, maybe on the beautiful hills of Tuscany.

The shooting won’t be too far from my studio, usually no farther than an hour and half drive from Arezzo. Your pre-wedding photo shoot will take about 5 to 6 hours at the time of the day you like the most - dawn and sunset included.

I’ll deliver 50 to 60 engagement photos, all edited, through an online gallery.

My service is good for you if

  • You just got engaged and are looking for a genuine way to tell family and friends.
  • You want to have truly unique wedding invitations, with your pictures on them.
  • You want spontaneous engagement photos, that frankly represent your love as it is: intense, deep and sincere.
  • You want to know your wedding photographer better before the big day.
  • You are looking for a professional able to put you at ease in front of a camera.

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