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I’m a professional photographer and i tell stories

I’m a professional photographer and i tell stories

Marco, a never stopping storyteller who tells stories through photos for a living. To be honest, photography is more than a job to me: it’s a true passion that runs through my veins as much as adrenaline does. It’s my ally in catching fleeting moments - because time is precious and, just like me, never stands still.

Photography is the only way to create magic and not let her disappear. I’m curious by nature: I travel as soon as I can, I observe the world around me, people who pass me by and I try to imagine their stories. I’m fascinated by the thousand shades of life, I feed on heart beats.

I’m an incurable enthusiast, who is always looking for new thrills. Photography allows me to find them, helping me gather every detail that I find on my path: this is why, from the moment I found it, I’ve never  left it. It was love at first click! When I put my camera down, I usually play sports or I lose myself in nature, maybe staring at a magnificent sunset or on a river bank, waiting for the right time to jump in.

Marco Mugnai, Destination Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

How I work

I’m cheerful, joyous and easygoing. I offer my photo shoots in my homeland, Tuscany, but I will be happy to get around Italy or even abroad to capture the unique nature of your story.

When I’m chosen as a wedding photographer, my goal is to put everybody at ease from the newlyweds to the guests to get the most spontaneous pictures. I gather all the details and the stories I hear, I blend with friends and family to shoot photos as freely as I can, without upsetting anyone. My pictures will enshrine all the emotions of your big day: from love to fun, none excluded.

I believe in the power of photography as a way to tell one of a kind stories, filtered through my lens. As a professional photographer, I always try to play my storytelling part as best as I can: this is why I keep myself up to date, partaking in courses and workshops, in addition to be a member of the National Association of Wedding Photographers and the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

I’m the one you are looking for if…

- You are looking for a wedding photographer who will make you at ease in front of the camera.
- You want wow pictures: those stolen images that tells moments so fast that even you, at the time, haven’t caught.
- You believe in the majesty of wedding but want to enjoy the party as well, going crazy with the people you love.
- You wish your pictures to be natural and spontaneous but also enjoy some old fashioned group photo.
- You are looking for a wedding photographer who is a professional and always on time, but emphatic and friendly too.

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