I love to be aware of the world around me. The tremors and vibrations of life fascinate me. I’m enthusiastic and curious, I love to dream and feed off of everything which makes peoples’ hearts beat faster. I began doing photography at school and discovered the intense joy it gives me when I can capture those special moments of the lives we live. I view life as a great opportunity and I adore discovering all its diverse facets.
I couldn’t live without music, I’m crazy about sunsets and spending time laying on the river bank…you never know…there might still be time to dive in…



I’m a photographer who specializes in weddings but I prefer to define myself as a storyteller. 

I live in Tuscany in a village at the centre or the triangle between Arezzo, Siena and Florence, the Chianti area is my backyard! 

I work all over Italy and abroad. I love discovering new locations and moving out of my ‘comfort zone’, seeing things from a new perspective and delving into the multiple cultures which make up this fantastic, crazy old world of ours. 

Everyone is unique and the relationships between people are all separate stories, and it is from this perspective that I narrate the tales of the intricate web of lives I see around me. 

My style may not be for everyone, it’s a combination of journalistic and compositional photography. 

I concentrate on capturing emotions, am drawn by the light and fascinated by this great game of life we play. 

I do photos of couples, photo sessions, pre-wedding photos, portraits, christenings and pregnancy photos. 

"I capture and care for your most treasured memories" 

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